Cylinder valves from Midland Diving Equipment LTD

mde midland diving equipmentMDE Diving Valves – Reliable under pressure. Good quality valves from the United Kingdom

All type of scuba tank valves

mde jubilee valve Midland Diving Equipment Ltd was established in the UK in 1958. They are a leading manufacturer of quality high pressure cylinder valves and manifolds.

In 2008 MDE celebrated their Golden Jubilee year. To mark this occasion they launched the new MDE Jubilee range of scuba diving valves. In order to meet the requirements of today’s discerning divers, they use only the finest quality materials and meeting the latest safety standards.mde modular valve

All valves have been fully CE EN250 certified, and for the first time in the scuba diving industry the valves have been impact tested to ISO 10297, and thus carry the Pi mark.

mde manifold valveMidland Diving Equipment has a highly qualified technical design team. With over eighty years combined technical, engineering and design experience they can ensure, that all of their products have outstanding quality in design, materials and manufacturing.

MDE Cylinder valves are available in the shop, we are working on to add them to the webshop as well. Please contact us for prices and availability.