Our passion, our brand and our products are inspired by the marvellous but fragile universe that is the sea. However, the underwater world is not just a theatre where we can pursue our dreams. The sea plays a fundamental role in the balance of our eco-systems, so it was natural that Beuchat would always regard a commitment to eco-responsibility, in the conservation and protection of our oceans, as self-evident.

This approach is materialised by the measures taken within our company and through our support for specialised outside stakeholders who adhere to our own environmental standards.

You can find it all in our product line out. Wetsuits, BCDs regulators from entry level to technical diving tested by ourselves. Wetsuit for freediving, apnea and spearfishing

We are proud to introduce Beuchat brand ambassadors: Leonardo d’Imporzano, Israel Calvo, Jean-Marie Arnaud, Sedat Osmanglu, Oscar Cervantes, Cesar Bustelo Rodriguez, Avelino Sans Mercadal, Anaik Chollet and many more.


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