GARMIN Dive Computers: Innovation and Reliability at the Best Prices

Discover the cutting-edge world of GARMIN dive computers, where technology meets reliability to offer the ultimate underwater experience. As a leader in dive computer technology, GARMIN provides a range of products designed to meet the needs of every diver, from recreational enthusiasts to seasoned technical divers. Our selection includes the renowned GARMIN Descent MK3i, GARMIN G1 Solar, and other advanced models, all available at the best prices in Malta.

GARMIN Descent MK3i 51mm Titanium Strap
GARMIN Descent MK3i 51mm Titanium Strap

GARMIN Descent MK3i

The GARMIN Descent MK3i sets a new standard in dive computing with its robust features and innovative design. Encased in Black DLC Titanium, this dive computer includes the SubWave™ sonar-based communication system, providing wireless air integration and enhanced underwater communication. With multiple dive modes such as single-gas, multi-gas, gauge, apnea, and CCR, the MK3i is versatile enough for any diving scenario. Its high-resolution colour display and integrated GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo support ensure that divers can navigate and monitor their dive data with ease.



For those seeking an eco-friendly option, the GARMIN G1 Solar Dive Computer harnesses solar power to extend battery life, making it perfect for extended dive trips. Its sleek design and high-contrast monochrome display ensure readability in all conditions. The G1 Solar supports a variety of dive modes, including single-gas, multi-gas, and apnea, catering to divers of all skill levels. Additionally, built-in health monitoring features like wrist-based heart rate and pulse oximeter keep you informed about your physical condition during dives.

Garmin Descent MK3 - 43mm + TRANSMITTER
Garmin Descent MK3 – 43mm + TRANSMITTER

Why Choose GARMIN Dive Computers?

GARMIN dive computers stand out for their innovative technology, durability, and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you are diving in the clear waters of Malta or exploring deeper, more challenging environments, GARMIN dive computers provide the reliability and functionality needed for a safe and enjoyable dive. With features like GPS navigation, comprehensive safety alerts, and seamless integration with the Garmin Dive app, managing and sharing your dive data has never been easier.

Explore our range of GARMIN dive computers at the best prices in Malta. Whether you’re looking for the advanced features of the GARMIN Descent MK3i or the eco-friendly capabilities of the GARMIN G1 Solar, we have the perfect dive computer to enhance your underwater adventures.

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