Tomek Stachura the founder of SANTI is a diver with over 30 years’ experience.

About 1980, being already fully into diving, he started the best equipment search, which was not so easy at that time in Poland.

The best he could do was to obtain neoprene scraps and that was a small miracle at that time. Knowing that a drysuit needs to be snug to the body and at the same time not to restrict movement, he wanted not to waste precious materials so the prototypes were made from cotton bed sheets. After tests and final construction, he became the proud owner of the first drysuit amongst his diving friends.

The undersuits were too thin, the drysuits were not comfortable. It was too cold.

After some years of diving, expeditions, new experiences and testing equipment Tomasz was still not able to find the exact equipment he needs for his diving comfort. The undersuits were too thin, the drysuits were not comfortable. It was too cold.

The fact that at the same time Tomasz was owning and developing a thriving apparel production company allowed to invest time and efforts to develop a new product, which would connect his passion and business experience – in 2001 the prototype of BZ400 SANTI undersuit was born.

Success at hand

By 2004 SANTI team initiated development of the new Drysuit production. The main challenge was to find best solution for the suits to be safe and dry. The work began. Tomasz and his key SANTI employees realized right away that the new Drysuit production would be a major challenge. Undaunted the preparations went on with the first design stage, then prototypes were made from rubberized material so not to waste expensive trilaminate. At this stage parameters were set for durability and fit with a full range of motion and the most important feature; ONE MUST STAY DRY. Then on to the building service department to repair any problems arising with existing suits. With this valuable experience, emphasis was directed to the development of innovative solutions to avoid these problems and a need for certain repairs all together. Lastly, equipping leading Polish and European divers and a few friends with new suits and putting them through a rigorous testing schedule (they just went diving – a lot). Feedback after the testing was immense, the whole company geared up to listen and to sort through all their suggestion from the diving leaders to the novice divers alike.

Approach of the diver-manufacturer interaction has proven.

The approach of the diver-manufacturer interaction has proven to be a valuable key to the SANTI Diving success in the market place. That said; let us not forget the dedication of the entire workforce behind the products, the skills of master craftsman and the artist tailors with decades of experience. Job satisfaction, financial rewards and customer appreciation followed with each unit being sold. Tomasz insists on being “diver first and businessman later” and he gives complete attention to each and every comment he receives from the sales.

Deep Water

Since mid-2009 when SANTI Diving Division has started to develop even more, Thomas approached his friend Jakub Szelągowski to help him manage the growing company and to become his business partner. Thanks to Jacobs vast management skills and experience in the apparel industry, the company was driven to become a professional and well-organized structure. Since then the company has been growing and recruiting other experienced and dedicated staff to develop customer service, market coverage and best sales practice.

Actually, since that moment, SANTI has started to evolve from a producer to a strong brand company

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