Sofnolime is a diving grade and non-indicating product. This is appropriate for use with sport and technical diving. Developed specifically for semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather systems. It is a granular CO2 absorbent manufactured by Molecular Products (made in the UK).

It’s a Soda lime, which is an efficient absorbent for the removal of carbon dioxide from breathable gas. 797 grade is a 1.0mm to 2.5mm extrudate with a triangular cross-section low.

The product is supplied as hard, irregularly shaped, white colored particles.

Processed to maximize carbon dioxide absorption and minimize dust formation.

Non-indicating version as required by U.S. Navy specifications.

Sofnolime is shipped in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) reclosable containers.

It has a limited shelf life, so each container is marked with an expiration date. Always follow your rebreather manufacturer’s recommendations for scrubber change intervals.

Only use the specific absorbent recommended by your rebreather manufacturer.

The use of improper absorbent can cause excessive work of breathing and shortened scrubber times.