The Beuchat Maxlux S mask is a premium diving accessory designed for comfort and performance. With a compact frame and low volume, it provides excellent visibility and reduces drag underwater. The mask features a high-quality silicone skirt for a secure and comfortable fit, while its ultra-clear tempered glass lenses offer crystal-clear vision. The innovative design includes swiveling buckles for easy adjustment and a wide range of facial shapes. Ideal for both recreational and professional divers, the Maxlux S ensures an exceptional diving experience.




The Beuchat Maxlux S Mask is a premium diving mask designed for optimal comfort, visibility, and durability. Crafted with precision engineering, this mask offers divers a superior underwater experience.

Constructed from high-quality silicone, the Beuchat Maxlux S Mask provides a snug and comfortable fit for extended periods underwater. Its low volume design minimizes drag and allows for effortless equalization, making it ideal for both recreational and professional divers.

The innovative tempered glass lenses deliver crystal-clear vision, ensuring excellent clarity and visibility in various diving conditions. Whether exploring vibrant coral reefs or deep wrecks, divers can rely on the Beuchat Maxlux S Mask for exceptional optical performance.

Featuring a streamlined frameless design, this mask offers a wide field of view, allowing divers to fully immerse themselves in their underwater surroundings. The absence of a bulky frame enhances peripheral vision, promoting a sense of freedom and immersion in the underwater environment.

Equipped with easy-to-adjust buckles, the mask can be customized for a secure and personalized fit. Its ergonomic design minimizes pressure points and reduces discomfort, enabling divers to focus on their underwater adventures without distractions.

Designed for durability, the mask is built to withstand the rigors of regular diving activities. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for countless dives to come.

Whether diving in tropical waters or exploring colder environments, the mask excels in versatility and functionality. Its superior craftsmanship and advanced features make it a top choice for discerning divers seeking the ultimate in comfort, performance, and reliability. Experience the underwater world like never before with the mask.

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Black, Deep Blue, Ultra Blue, Red, Fluo Pink, White, Tangerine Orange, Atoll Blue, Yellow original, Ice Blue, Grey Titanium, Dark Purple, Deep Green, Coral, Spring Blue, Blue Translucent, Red Translucent, Black with Tinted Glass, Almond Green, Light Blue