Beuchat Crawl C800 is specifically designed for triathlon without compromising between performance and comfort.

This outstanding wetsuit achieves the rare combination of maximizing the swimming posture, gliding and freedom of movements. Associated technologies as Actilift System, Smart Compression System, Free Flex Zone, Laser Aerocaps and Excellium provide enhaced swimming performance. Time is saved during transition thanks to The Fast Transition Bands, Beveled Ends and the Quick Transition Zip. An unmatched comfort comes from a complete skin and thermal protection offered by the Elaskin, the Closing Comfort Collar, the Fireskin and the Semi-Dry Zip. The revolutionary PPS optimizes all those state of the art technologies.

Beuchat, inventor of the isothermal wetsuit

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Designed in France

Optimized performance

Actilift System

Free Flex Zone

Compression : Smart Compression System

Glide: Excellium

Catch panel :Power Grip

Performance positioning support

Reducing transition time

Quick Transition Zip (zip invers?)

Beveled ends

Fast Transition Bands

Excellent comfort

Beuchat’s pattern

Elaskin X

3C – Closing Comfort Collar

High level of thermal protection

Fireskin on chest and legs

Semi-Dry Zip

Actilift System

This system provides fully controlled stability and balance in order to improve swimming sensations.

Upgraded lateral and front-side buoyancy follow the principle of a catamaran to optimize the swimming posture and significantly reduces draft.

Free Flex Zone

This specific area of the wetsuit is more elastic and allows more freedom of movements where the body and the arms are linked/ The swimmer is able to deliver the full power of the crawl with maximal body extension in the water. Draft and exhaustion are significantly reduced.

Smart Compression System

Smart Compression System is a complex maintaining system : it provides outstanding performance and comfort upgrades which make it easier for the swimmer to breath while wearing wetsuit.

Laser Aero Caps

This specific mesh of small air caps trapped inside the neoprene is associated with a state of the art laser cutting technology. It makes the wetsuit more buoyant and more elastic compared to a regular neoprene. Weight of the wetsuit is also significantly reduced.


Beuchat’s special coating is applied outside of the wetsuit in order to deeply increase the glide. Frictions are significantly lowered, saving a great time. While leaving the water, the swimmer is also well protected from the wind.

Performance positioning support

This innovation makes it easier for the swimmer to properly dress. Small marks help to perfectly positioned the wetsuit on the body and make the most of all the other technologies.

Quick Transition Zip (QTZ)

This back zipper has an inverted opening system. It allows the triathlete to quickly reach the zipper’s cordon and open way faster the wetsuit while running to the transition zone.

Beveled ends & Fast Transition Bands

These upgraded beveled ends allow the swimmer to quickly pull out the wetsuit thanks to bigger and more elastic openings. Wisely placed bands bring more rigidity to ends and ease the undressing. It provides a great advantage at the transition time.

Elaskin X

Being the inventor of the first underwater wetsuit 60 years ago, Beuchat has a relevant experience and knowledge of this technology. This is why the Elaskin X neoprene provides unique buoyancy, flexibility and thermal protection.

3C – Closing Comfort Collar

This groundbreaking collar system is based on a flat and one-piece unit with an inverted Velcro closure. Frictions on the skin are totally removed and the elasticity of the Velcro allows an accurate closing.


Fireskin is a warming material inside of the wetsuit. It provides a high level thermal protection and keep the body temperature steady. Its unique meshing structure and hydrophobic qualities are the roots of this outstanding technology.

Semi-Dry Zip

This specific zipper increases the waterproofing thanks to minimal water intakes. This technology provides a maximal thermal protection.

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