This spherical float is slightly flattened to offer less wind resistance and has a built-in inflatable flag.

Made from PVC, it has a strong anchor point for attaching the line on the lower half.

It is supplied complete with a light 25 m floating line that has a small cylindrical lead weight of 150 g.

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The Cressi Competition Float is an essential tool for spearfishing enthusiasts, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in the water. Crafted with premium materials and advanced engineering, this float combines durability with functionality.

Constructed from robust PVC or similar high-quality materials, the float boasts excellent buoyancy, ensuring it stays afloat even in rough conditions. Its streamlined design minimizes water resistance, allowing for easy maneuverability in the water.

Equipped with multiple attachment points, the float offers versatility in securing various spearfishing gear, such as spearguns, reels, and dive flags. These attachment points are strategically placed to distribute weight evenly and maintain balance, preventing the float from tipping over.

A prominent feature of the Cressi Competition Float is its vibrant color scheme, enhancing visibility for both the diver and other watercraft. This high-visibility design ensures safety by alerting boats and other divers to the presence of the float in the water.

For added convenience, the float is often equipped with additional features such as handles or carrying straps, allowing for easy transport both in and out of the water. These ergonomic elements ensure comfort during transportation and maneuvering.

The Cressi Competition Float is designed to meet the demands of competitive spearfishing, offering reliability and performance to divers of all skill levels. Whether diving in shallow coastal waters or venturing into deeper offshore environments, this float serves as a trusted companion for spearfishers seeking both safety and efficiency in their underwater pursuits.