The full snorkelling experience from above the surface: a new perspective for encountering and observing the underwater environment with maximum respect.

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This is Reef, the new Cressi Window ISUP

with the biggest window yet. The large 34” ‘fish’ shape coupled with the pre-laminated material has enabled us to design an elongated window that extends from the paddling position to the bow. Thanks to the sturdy layer of Crystal Clear PVC, Reef’s window offers an exceptional view of the seabed during your outing. The high buoyancy, curved bow and generous 9” drift give the board great stability, to let you comfortably admire the sea wherever you go.

A larger window to look beyond The ideal SUP to explore the sea from every angle: from the underwater ecosystem to the views above the surface.

Window PLF

The largest window in the ISUP category designed thanks to Cressi’s experience in developing boards with openings. Made with a solid, thick layer of transparent PVC1 with perimeter reinforcement, it’s sized to eliminate deformations and structural deficits. Moreover, thanks to the prelaminated2 material without glueing and the double layer rail3, Reef offers the maximum viewing area and comfort while paddling.

The set includes:

  • Reef ISUP 10’2’’ (x1)
  • MOD3 Paddle (x1)
  • US Skeg Fin 9’’ (x1)
  • Coiled Leash 10’ (x1)
  • EXA 120l Backpack (x1)
  • Welter Pump (x1)
  • Repair Kit (x1)
  • User Manual (x1)