Easy to transport, light and compact: Travelight is the Cressi Hydrosports SUP that’s ideal for travellers. The innovative design of the SUP enables it to be folded longitudinally then rolled up, thereby occupying half the space of an inflatable SUP of the same size.

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is made with Cressi LWF technology, our lightest and strongest construction in the Inflatable category, which minimizes its weight without affecting performance. The All Round shape makes the board highly versatile and manageable for different levels of experience and build. The set is complemented by similarly compact accessories designed ad hoc, including the small Feather pump and the MOD5 modular paddle, which lets you transport the entire set in the TERA backpack, only 50 cm tall.
Lightest and most travel-focused SUP The board combines stiffness and lightness, performance and high portability. All in a small 50 cm backpack, ideal for travellers.

Lightweight wall fabric

Innovative flat-weave core1 that minimizes the thickness of the upper and lower layer for extremely low weight and high flexibility, allowing longitudinal folding and rolling once deflated. It’s surrounded by a sturdy multilayer rail2 designed to compensate for the board bending and guarantee excellent performance during use.

The set includes:

  • Travelight ISUP 9’2’’ (x1)
  • MOD5 Paddle (x1)
  • Mini Quick Skeg Fin 7’’ (x2)
  • Coiled Leash 10’ (x1)
  • TERA 60l Backpack (x1)
  • Feather Pump(x1)
  • Repair Kit (x1)
  • User Manual (x1)