Garmin Descent G1 Solar OCEAN EDITION



The GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer offers advanced features, solar charging, and a user-friendly design, ideal for any diver. Dive smart!

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GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer


Experience the depths like never before with the GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer. Designed for divers who demand performance and reliability, this dive computer features solar charging technology to keep you powered through every dive. With its robust construction and ocean-inspired design, the Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition is your perfect underwater companion.

Key Features

Solar Charging: Harness the power of the sun to extend your battery life, allowing for longer dives without the constant need to recharge. The solar charging feature ensures that your dive computer is always ready for your next underwater exploration.

Diverse Dive Modes: This dive computer offers multiple dive modes, including single-gas, multi-gas, gauge, apnea, and closed-circuit rebreather (CCR). Whether you’re a recreational diver or a technical diver, the Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition has you covered.

High-Contrast Display: The high-contrast monochrome display is easy to read in all conditions, from bright sunlight to the depths of the ocean. This ensures that critical dive information is always visible at a glance.

Integrated GPS: Built-in GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo support let you mark your entry and exit points, track your dive path, and navigate with confidence. This feature is invaluable for dive planning and post-dive analysis.

Comprehensive Safety Alerts: Stay safe with customizable dive alerts, a 3-axis compass, and various sensors to monitor depth, time, and decompression status. These features provide essential safety information, ensuring a secure dive experience.

Health Monitoring: The wrist-based heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter offer key health metrics, helping you stay informed about your physical condition during and after dives.

Garmin Dive App Compatibility: Seamlessly log and share your dives with the Garmin Dive app. Analyze dive data, connect with the diving community, and enhance your overall diving experience.


Feature Details
Display Type High-contrast monochrome
Battery Life Extended with solar charging
Dive Modes Single-gas, multi-gas, gauge, apnea, CCR
Navigation GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Safety Alerts Customizable alerts, 3-axis compass
Health Monitoring Wrist-based heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter
Connectivity Bluetooth, Garmin Dive app
Durability Robust and ocean-inspired design

Why Choose the GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition?

The GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for all divers. With solar charging, versatile dive modes, and comprehensive safety features, you can trust this dive computer to support your underwater adventures. Its sleek, ocean-themed design and robust construction ensure it stands up to the demands of diving, providing you with reliable performance dive

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