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SANTI is producing unquestionably top quality drysuits and all necessary accessories 

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Advice on SANTI drysuits and undersuits

The only official SANTI service centre in Malta

Taking full measurements in house

How to measure yourself?

SANTI launched a #stayathome #orderfromhome helping video. If you can not come to our shop, use this video to take full measurements to choose the right fitting SANTI drysuit.

See the size charts to pick from the standard sizes, or ask for Made to Measure suit.

Ladies drysuit and undersuit size charts

Men drysuit size charts

Men undersuit size charts

Special offer

SANTI offers following special deal for the clients for orders placed until 31.05.2020:

1. Chosen MTM drysuit & undersuit – Made to measure option free of charge
2. Chosen MTM drysuit – Made to measure option free of charge
3. Chosen drysuit in standard size – Flex 190 free of charge in a set

The order should have an ID of promotion stated in the notes to the order: #orderfromhome.

Self measurement chart and order form for ladies

Self measurement chart and order form for men

See the full size variations on the website:

If you need any help with the order, measurements or filling the form, please feel free to contact us