Cylinder testing in Malta – Hydrostatic and Visual

hydrostatic test visual inspection maltaTake care of your cylinder and you can rely on it for long years! Bring it for Hydrostatic test or visual inspection. Your cylinder valve needs some care regularly.

Hydrostatic test, visual inspection

why do you need to service your scuba tankWith the humid and salty air of Malta your cylinders definitely need some proper care! Scuba diving is a safe activity but only if you take care of your equipment.

Hydrostatic tests are mandatory for all cylinders every 5 years. Also, bring it for an inspection if it fell from a higher place or got exposed to high temperatures (like fire) or you suspect it got damaged in any way.

visual inspection malta

Visual inspections are due to be done every year.  Even small rust can get from the surface deeply under the material in just a relatively short time. If you leave your tank unchecked, the damage, which could be fixed easily with sanding and repainting can cause your tank to fail the next test.

At this time we also check the threads on the valve and the inside for any damage or rust.

How much does it cost you?

  • Visual inspection is 15 EUR
  • Hydrostatic test is 35 EUR

Please note that the fees are due even if your cylinders fail the test.

Tips to take care of your scuba tank

  • First rule: never leave it standing, where somebody can knock it off or if it is set up
  • Secure it in the car, don’t let it roll around
  • Never empty it completely, otherwise, water or moisture can get in. If you have any concern that saltwater got in it, bring it immediately, even a small amount can destroy it, makes it fully rusty inside.
  • Rinse it with freshwater after diving
  • Remove the boot time to time, check for rust
  • If the paint gets damaged, patch it up before it starts rusting
  • Drill extra holes in the boot for the water to drain out easier